Running on Neptune (Ave)

Today was my second day of running after an eight month layoff  otherwise known as 'being lazy'. I was still walking along Neptune, just not running behind my BOB stroller as I had been over the last two and a half years. As I came to a stop and started my cool down back to the house a couple were walking my way. I didn't know their names just their faces as we casually said "Hello" over the years. They stopped to ask me how far I was running today and to tell me they see me running all the time. I told them the distance then we exchanged names and were off. As I turned to continue my cool down I thought how funny it was that I have not been running for eight months but to them they see me running all the time. Now if only my knees and hips will agree to get along with me I will be able to continue my runs on Neptune for many more years.

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