Project 52 Pro Assignment 6 | Encinitas Photographer

This weeks assignment was either to do a reshoot or a Sports photo....I chose to remake a photo. I wasn't happy with the Recipe Ingredient challenge so here is my reshoot of that same assignment...

I used a big window light with a Target shower curtain hanging in front of it...I used a few black cards and placed them right up to the bell peppers, mushrooms and eggs. Anything else you want to know??!  GO TO 34:03 for Don Giannatti's critique of this photo...

First Earrings ~ Encinitas Family Photographer

We waited until she was three years and a few months old to get her first pair of earrings. It's something she really wanted (that and a VW with Barbies). The girls at Icing in Carlsbad were wonderful and calming. What our little girl didn't know was the "Pinch and Awe" that would happen in order to put the earrings in her ear lobes. She handled it like a trooper, though. Now it's Daddy's chore to clean her ears three times a day. No worries! 

Brooke | Encinitas Children Photographer

Luckily for Brooke and her Mommy it was a beautiful day at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas since the previous few days were colder and breezy. The goal was to capture a Christmas card photo and then photos for the photo album. I believe we did that and more...

Thank you to Brooke and Mommy for allowing me to capture some pretty fun moments at Moonlight Beach. I'm very proud to be your Encintas Family Photographer.

La Jolla Wedding | Encinitas Photographer | October 25 2011

What an amazing day! I think these two deserve the "Most Relaxed Couple about to get Married" award. I was with Janet from 11am, while she primped with hair and make-up, and the night ended near 8pm with the cutting of the cake. An intimate ceremoy celebrating love, trust and friendship. I've know Darryl for over 30 years...old high school friends. I've know Janet for two months but I feel like I've know her just as long. The chemistry between these two is amazing and sweet. It was an honor and a great privilege to capture their perfect day. 

I'm Moore Photography and I'm an Encinitas Family Photographer.

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New and Improved | Encinitas Family Photographer

Hello everyone! I am proud to introduce to you my new website and blog. New and Improved if I do say so myself. 

For those who don't know me, I am a children and family portrait photographer based in the Encinitas area (and North San Diego County area). But recently I have been invited to photograph Little League Baseball in Murrieta and it has been a blast. Check out the photos I have already posted under the BTBC tab on my Home page. 


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New Website for

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to let you know I have a new website!!! How cool is that?? Check it out. I will be adding a blog post soon but HAD to get this up and running.  Wordpress has served its time with me and I am totally appreciative of everything! Thank you!! I may still log on here and post a few things until I have my other website loaded. But for now head on over to and take a look and leave a comment.


Mike Moore