27th Annual Stonesteps Longboard Contest, Encinitas

Head on over to the link posted above for a ton of photos from the 27th Annual Stonesteps Longboard Contest, Encinitas CA. Waves were nice, water was warm and the party was awesome! Enjoy my view of the day...

So sit back, relax, click on the first picture and select slideshow...

Project 52 Pro Assignment 5 | Encinitas Photographer

This weeks assignment was to make a photograph for my local Chamber of Commerce. The photograph will be used as a large poster to draw people to town. The theme is "Weather". My proposal was to use farm fresh carrots, in the upper left corner, to depict rays of sunshine. Below in the lower right corner would be a small beach chair on a layer of sand. 

I must say visualizing then writing it down on paper THEN actually photographing it was tougher than I thought. But in the end I like the final product...

Oh, my critique from Assignment 4 was all positive. Don really loved the lighting and composition.

It was a Stone Steps morning

Today was a good day to practice photographing in the TV mode of my Canon. I set the shutter speed to 1/1000 and ISO 100 and let the camera decide the F/stop. Oh, and I also set the focus to AI Servo. This was the first time I have used the TV setting as I usually shoot Manual. I love the sharpness and knowledge that I would get sharper photos with a moving subject. Enjoy.

I wanted to work on my skills with photographing in TV mode with the Canon. I set the shutter speed to 1000 and ISO to 100. I let the camera do the rest with regards to Fstop. This works great for photographing young children since they love to run and are never steady.