Moonlight Beach

Decals and Windows at Wavecrest Woodie Meet 2013

It was my annual visit to the Woodie Meet held at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas CA. When I arrived at 7am I quickly became bored and uninspired. I did not feel any inspiration from these classic wooden vehicles like years past. So I started capturing details such as the decals on the side and rear windows. My inspiration grew even more when I pulled out my 100mm macro lens and captured minute reflections coming off of the bolts, but that's a gallery for a different day...Enjoy!

This years Woodie Meet displayed some pretty awesome Woodies. Ford's, Chevy's, Pontiac's and many others showed up to show off their beauty. 

I hope you found my view of these classic cars a little interesting and maybe a bit intriguing. 

See you soon!

Brooke | Encinitas Children Photographer

Luckily for Brooke and her Mommy it was a beautiful day at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas since the previous few days were colder and breezy. The goal was to capture a Christmas card photo and then photos for the photo album. I believe we did that and more...

Thank you to Brooke and Mommy for allowing me to capture some pretty fun moments at Moonlight Beach. I'm very proud to be your Encintas Family Photographer.

Wavecrest Woodie Meet 2010

Wavecrest Woodie Meet is the largest of its kind in the country. Held each September at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. It draws up to 300 wooden-bodied cars for a weekend of car and surf-related activities. This year marks the 31st anniversary of Wavecrest!

I didn't want to just take photos of cars so I went for creativity. I hope you enjoyed my trip to the Woodie show. These are beautiful cars to photograph with a lot of history to tell.