Who Has The Better View...? | Encinitas Photographer

The first thought I had when reviewing this photo was...who has the better view of this sunset? The passengers in the plane at 20,000 feet OR the guy staring from the top of the bluff at Beacon's in Encinitas? Either way, it's 1/250th of a second from today's clear sunset. "Green Flash"!

Special Moments While the Sun is Setting... | Encinitas Photographer

I had just finished a photo shoot with another family at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas when I decided to capture a few sunset moments. These two just happened as I scanned the horizon in my viewfinder. I don't know who they are, I don't know their story. I just know they were enjoying a sunset like no other that day. Good for them! Good for me!

A Calming Sunset in Encinitas, California | Encinitas Photographer


Have you ever seen the Green Flash? I have been watching sunsets for years and not once have I witnessed this beautiful phenomenom. My Dad, on the other hand, says he has seen the Green Flash numerous times. For now, I will simply watch and wait. I'm not sure if I'll be disappointed if I never see one because sunsets hold there own magic...every time.