Project 52 Pro Assignment 6 | Encinitas Photographer

This weeks assignment was either to do a reshoot or a Sports photo....I chose to remake a photo. I wasn't happy with the Recipe Ingredient challenge so here is my reshoot of that same assignment...

I used a big window light with a Target shower curtain hanging in front of it...I used a few black cards and placed them right up to the bell peppers, mushrooms and eggs. Anything else you want to know??!  GO TO 34:03 for Don Giannatti's critique of this photo...

Project 52 Pro Assignment 5 | Encinitas Photographer

This weeks assignment was to make a photograph for my local Chamber of Commerce. The photograph will be used as a large poster to draw people to town. The theme is "Weather". My proposal was to use farm fresh carrots, in the upper left corner, to depict rays of sunshine. Below in the lower right corner would be a small beach chair on a layer of sand. 

I must say visualizing then writing it down on paper THEN actually photographing it was tougher than I thought. But in the end I like the final product...

Oh, my critique from Assignment 4 was all positive. Don really loved the lighting and composition.

Sights at Old Town, San Diego | Encinitas Photographer

The family took a little trip to Old Town, San Diego via the Coaster. From Encinitas to Old Town was only $11 round trip per adult and our little girl travelled free (she's under 6). We learned about the Kumeyaay Indians, The Mc Coys, the first school house in San Diego, Blacksmiths, and so much more. Old Town is a beautiful place for a photographer. There was so much to take in and appreciate whether it was the dancers, the artwork throughout the park or the architecture. I hope you enjoy just a few of the sights from Old Town.

Where are some of your favorite spots in San Diego?

Your Encinitas 

First Earrings ~ Encinitas Family Photographer

We waited until she was three years and a few months old to get her first pair of earrings. It's something she really wanted (that and a VW with Barbies). The girls at Icing in Carlsbad were wonderful and calming. What our little girl didn't know was the "Pinch and Awe" that would happen in order to put the earrings in her ear lobes. She handled it like a trooper, though. Now it's Daddy's chore to clean her ears three times a day. No worries! 

A Few Moments in the City...

New York, New York via Legoland in Carlsbad CA. Legoland





The family spent the day at Legoland on Sunday. This was the first time we had visited this amusement park. I had never wanted to go because, for one, I didn't have kids but even as my little girl got older I still wasn't thrilled to visit. Well, that has all changed since going with friends and now I can't wait to return. The lines for the rides were usually short and maybe 15 minutes at the max. If you have a toddler you know how long even five minutes in line can be. The rides were fun and perfect for the kids. We laughed and were in awe of the Lego built animals and fairy tale characters. AMAZING! So here are a few photos of New York City. I'll be sure to post some Vegas photos later but for now, enjoy!

Big Bear Lake, January 2011

We recently spent the weekend at Big Bear Lake in a nice cabin on the lake. At the coldest it was 19 degrees and at its warmest 54 degrees. It was beautiful to see the lake frozen over along the shoreline every morning and in some cases lots of snow was still sitting on the ground. Big Bear Lake is amazing during the winter months. Looking forward to staying here again in the summer.

So it rained last night...quarter of an inch...

Didn't see this coming last night...

Not sure if I like the b/w or color better...or neither?

Weather in San Diego County can sneek up on us at times. Guess it wasn't supposed to rain as much as it did over night. Not that 1/4 inch of rain is a lot but it's not the norm. The "FLOODED" signs were up on certain streets.

Shooting Info: f4.5, 1/1000, ISO 200, white balance "cloudy", RAW

It's beginning to look a lot like Autumn, in San Diego...

Autumn Leaf in San Diego

Today it was cool and breezy, an unusual day in early October in San Diego. It actually rained for a few minutes too!   I had to wear my North Face fleece with my shorts and sandals today, it was that cold! This leaf blew into my yard so I thought I would get my camera and take the photo. BRRRRR!!

1/500, f/6.3, ISO 200, focal length 33 mm and exposure comp -2/3 and I shoot RAW.

My First Group Photoshoot

We're shooting with models? I thought it was just Lear Jets and a 1957 Porsche...This was going to be very cool for me. I also didn't realize there would be approximately 10 photographers taking photos too. The Strobist Group of San Diego took advantage of shooting at Palomar Airport on Wednesday, September 22. I don't belong to the group but my Dad owns the Porsche so I was invited to tag along. After I found out what group it was I was nervous because A: I don't own a strobe and B: I was a newbie. What was in store for me? Everyone made me feel comfortable so I just clicked away. I found out it was tough to shoot with so many photographers, everyone positioning for the right light and right angle. Overall, a great experience and I would recommend any photographer to join a group. I hope you enjoy the few pictures here:

1957 Porsche and Lear Jet

1957 Porsche

My first photo of models

Okay, so there were a lot of legs to photograph

Sunset Reflection on a Hanger

Tail End of the Sunset

Maybe next time I'll have lights so I can stay longer... Thanks Bob for the oppotunity to shoot with the group!

Dandelions and little girls

What is it about dandelions that are so intriguing to the little ones? Every weed we pass on our walk she finds beauty and must tear then hold and then watch as the tiny seeds are whisked away effortlessly by the breeze. The concentration in her eyes is precious. The fact she finds beauty in weeds is fascinating.